For some people, cleaning the bathroom is one of the hardest cleaning activities that they need to do and must keep doing every day. It is important that they would give time to this as we always use the bathroom when we take a shower or when out stomachache was gone bad. 

Of course, there are services like agencies and companies that could literally help you with this way out and they can actually offer you more than this like renovating the bathroom features and tiles, they could fix the damages and countertops and many more. In cleaning the bathroom, there are some hacks and techniques that you can actually do in order to feel nice and wonderful. You just need some simple steps to follow and you would be like a professional cleaning serviceman after getting the result that you wanted.  

  1. First step in giving your bathroom a whole new look is to make sure that you will remove and throw away those things that don’t belong here. It is also a good option to clear the things in this room so that you can clean every single area and corner of the shower room. It would be very easy for you to see that dirt and other stuff that made your tiles stained.  
  1. If your problem is about toilet bowl. There is a big solution to this that you can actually make it. Since, this is going to be tough one, you need to make sure that the window of the bathroom is open and even the exhaust fan is turned on before you pour some bleaching agent to the surface of the bowl. It would help to remove those yellow-stained things in the white bowl. After pouring it, let is stay for about 10 to 20 minutes and then finally you can brush it by using the appropriate scrubbing tool for this.  
  1. Sometimes, there would be a time that because you didn’t clean the bathroom area as a whole. There would be some cobwebs and spiders home created inside this place. You need to get a soft broom to sway up and remove those unwanted webs from the spiders. If your bathroom’s wall is not made of a tile or cement, then you have to be careful in brushing or scrubbing this wall.  
  1. If you are having a tiled floor, then it is very easy for us to see some areas that dirt is accumulated. You have to remove them right away so that it won’t create a nasty smell You can buy in your hardware or commercial supermarket a scrub powder that is ready to use. Of course, there are many different kinds of this so you better check the label and the content if they are containing harsh chemicals and agents. You need to read the instructions as well on how to use it. You can ask the salesperson about the usage of it if you are unsure on how to properly use this one for your bathroom.